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Dr Dan Robinson is a highly trained rhinoplasty surgeon. He is a fully qualified ear nose and throat surgeon and has also completed a full year of fellowship training in facial plastic surgery. During this year Dr Robinson had advanced training in rhinoplasty with a specific focus on cosmetic rhinoplasty and nasal obstruction.

Dr Dan Robinson can perform a variety of nose realignment procedures to help you achieve the facial structure you desire. Whether you need reshaping for a different look or for medical reasons, such as a blocked nose, Dr Robinson is a rhinoplasty surgeon who can help you achieve your goals in relation to your nose.

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Male Rhinoplasty

Gold Coast Rhinoplasty offers male nose reshaping procedures. Male nose realignment is increasingly common with many males understanding that they would prefer not to have the bend in their nose or the large hump on their nose. Male rhinoplasty can be performed to allow changes, which are not obvious and draw attention away from what might be regarded as a large nose.

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Female Nose Reshaping

Our rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr Robinson offers female nose realignment procedures. This procedure involves the understanding of aesthetics of the female face and making subtle changes to the nose so that the observer is not drawn to the nose. This involves meticulously reshaping the nose whilst improving the support of the nose so that the result lasts the test of time.

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At Gold Coast Rhinoplasty we offer revision rhinoplasty procedures. Revision procedures are often a very emotional time. If the initial goals of the original operation were not met then it is understandably frustrating for the patient. Dr Robinson has had advanced training in revision reshaping and understands the challenges which having a second procedure can cause.

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Functional Rhinoplasty

Gold Coast Rhinoplasty offers functional realignment procedures. If you have problems breathing through the nose then you may need a functional rhinoplasty. Functional realignment is reserved for people who have a significant deviation of their septum, have previously fractured their nose, or feel like the sidewalls of their nose collapse in at night. Conventional procedures on the nose in these situations are unlikely to work and you will probably need a functional procedure.

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