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Dr Dan RobinsonDr Dan Robinson is a fully trained Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon with a recognised sub specialty qualification in Facial Plastic Surgery – he offers both functional and cosmetic surgery to his patients. He has had advanced training in rhinoplasty and is recognised by the Australian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons as a qualified Facial Plastic Surgeon. His sub specialisation allows him to perform the most advanced techniques in rhinoplasty and obtain excellent results. He is also a fully qualified as a fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons.

Dr Dan Robinson leads the team at his Benowa clinic, Gold Coast Rhinoplasty. Servicing clients from Benowa and beyond, his training and skills are readily available.

Dr Robinson’s Experience and Training

Dr Dan Robinson has had extensive experience in rhinoplasty with formal training in both functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty. He has completed a full one-year fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery and during this period performed more than 100 rhinoplasties. He has also successfully passed the International Facial Plastic Surgery exam which is held once per year in Washington DC. This exam covers areas of advanced rhinoplasty as well as facial plastic surgery. Following completion of this exam he was recognised as a fully qualified Facial Plastic Surgeon by the Australian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. He is the only surgeon in Queensland who has this qualification.

Dr Robinson has a strong interest in rhinoplasty from both a functional and cosmetic perspective. Dr Robinson believes that the best results in rhinoplasty require a meticulous approach in pre-operative consultation, intra operative technique and postoperative management, which he completes in his now Benowa clinic. Dr Robinson never rushes an operation and takes the required amount of time to achieve the desired result.

Dr Robinson believes that the best results in rhinoplasty are obtained by communicating extensively with patients and ensuring appropriate follow up. Follow up after a rhinoplasty continues for at least 6 months.

Dr Robinson is actively involved in research in rhinoplasty and regularly presents at conferences both amongst his contemporaries as well as with training registrars. Some of the topics that Dr Robinson has presented on include:

  • Aesthetic facial analysis
  • Evolution of facial plastic surgery
  • Application of the autospreader in rhinoplasty
  • Management of the nasal valve
  • Prospective analysis of rhinoplasty outcomes

ENT Surgeon Training

Dr Robinson works at the Gold Coast University Hospital as well as at Pindara Private Hospital. He is actively involved in the teaching of training ENT surgeons as well as junior doctors in rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery. Dr Robinson also organises the Gold Coast ENT journal club, regularly presenting at this meeting.

Dr Robinson completed a fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery in Perth in 2012 under the guidance of Dr Tuan Pham. During this period Dr Robinson received advanced training in rhinoplasty with a specific focus on cosmetic rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty and severe nasal obstruction. He is the only surgeon in Queensland to have completed a fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery, which is recognised by the Australian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.

Whilst in Perth, Dr Robinson also worked at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital as an ENT consultant as well as working at Royal Perth Hospital as a fellow. He has completed several research-based presentations as a direct result of his time spent on fellowship.

During 2011 Dan worked in private practice in Sydney, Newcastle and as an ENT consultant at the John Hunter Hospital. Prior to this Dan completed his training in ENT Surgery in NSW. He received broad and extensive training across regional NSW and Sydney hospitals including Royal Prince Alfred, Sydney Children’s hospital and Concord Repatriation Hospital. It was during his training that he recognised that in order to achieve excellent results in rhinoplasty surgeons should undertake fellowship training in rhinoplasty and dedicate their career to improving their results. 

Dr Robinson also sits on the board of the Gold Coast ENT Research Group, which is a charitable foundation for furthering ENT research on the Gold Coast.

He is proud to be involved as a co-collaborator in the Expert Opinion in ENT podcast series. This series of lectures involves interviews with experts on different topics in ENT Surgery and is available over iTunes. The topics have always proved interesting and the uptake from the general ENT community has been excellent. Dan feels that through providing this resource the benefits of shared information to the ENT community and other specialties are invaluable especially in relation to staying up to date with the latest advances in sub-specialty areas.

Dan is in group practice with Dr Sam Dowthwaite, Dr Jim Hallam and Dr Matthew Cronin who have an interest in Head and Neck Surgery.


Dan graduated with honours from Sydney University in 2002 and started work as a doctor in 2003 in NSW. Prior to studying medicine Dan completed a Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Commerce at Bond University with majors in both Business information systems and Finance. Dan has also worked in a merchant bank for one year after finishing his bachelor degrees prior to starting medicine. Dan was born and raised on the Gold Coast. He attended primary school on the Gold Coast and went to Brisbane for high school.

If you would like to have a consultation with Dr Robinson, contact him at his Benowa based clinic on (07) 5631 4080